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How can I start earning points?

Create an account at studio-six.com or click here and start spending on qualifying items. Members must log into their account in order for points to apply during checkout.

Can I earn points if I checkout as a guest?

No. Only members who have created an account will be able to collect points.

What do you mean by qualifying items?

Certain products and services do not qualify as spend that would entitle you to earn points. For example, you cannot earn points on shipping fees, taxes, or online gift cards. Other exclusions may apply from time to time during special promotions. You will find these exclusions in the promotion marketing materials.

What is the difference between base points and bonus points?

Base points: As a member, you will earn 2 base points per $1 net spend on qualifying items.

Bonus points: From time to time, we offer promotional opportunities to earn more than 2 points per $1 net spend on qualifying items. These are bonus points. These promotional opportunities are not predetermined and are developed at the sole discretion of Studio Six.

How do you calculate my points?

We calculate your points based on the net spend on qualifying items rounded to the nearest dollar. The net spend is the amount spent on qualifying items after returns, discounts and taxes have been deducted.

Additionally, any amount of the net spend that is paid for with gift cards or loyalty rewards will be deducted before the reward is calculated.

Can my points be exchanged or cashed out for actual currency?

No. Points do not have a cash value, cannot be cashed out and can only be converted to a loyalty reward.

How will I receive my points?

Points earned will generally be added to your account after your purchase. You can view your points balance by accessing your account here.

Why didn't I earn points on my purchase?

In order to award you points, we need to know that you are a Studio Six account member when you make a purchase. 

Second, special promotional offers will have defined eligibility and qualification requirements, which must be met to earn points under those promotional offers.

Do my points expire?


What happens to my points if I return merchandise?

If you make a return, points received for those items will be deducted from your points balance at the time of the return. This may put your account balance in the negative.

What happens if my points balance is negative?

It is possible for your points balance to be negative if you make returns. If this happens, any points earned through qualifying purchases will be applied to the negative balance first and you will not be eligible to receive standard Loyalty Rewards until you bring your points balance up and reach the points conversion threshold applicable.

Can I get points from past purchases?

No. Points will start to accumulate on qualifying purchases on March 10, 2022 on account members.