Brusho Paint Crystal Colours is a one-of-a-kind water-based paint medium. It's super-highly-pigmented, unpredictable and it's bags of fun to paint with! If you paint with watercolours or if you're new to art and you want a very forgiving method of painting loose, expressive artwork, then Brusho® could be right up your street. There are 34 beautiful and are all acid-free and non-toxic. Using any watercolour paper or absorbent substrate, simply sprinkle cold water onto Brusho crystals or dilute and use as a regular watercolour. 

Brusho SprinklIT has been specially formulated to work with any Brusho Crystal Colour. The range consisits of 3 metallic and 3 Iridescent colours. When lightly sprinkled (the tip of a paint brush works well or even gently between two fingers) onto Brusho when wet or dry a subtle effect is created which enhances the Brusho effect.

Brusho Crystal Colours Open Stock & Sets

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