It’s one thing to create amazing works of art it’s another to sometimes get them sold. Some artists often have their own galleries to feature their work. To get people to buy your art you need to get creative. Who are you marketing to? Find ways to get ahead of your target market. You don’t just have to stick to the regular art lovers you can target those who have never been to an art gallery before as well. Here are some tips for you to increase your sales:

Host New Openings

A good place to start is by hosting an open house. Start advertising about it in your local newspaper and other mediums for publicity. For those who have bought from you before and for your regular buyers you can host a VIP event because they will probably buy again.

Sell to Businesses

You don’t just have to wait on potential buyers walking into your gallery. Set up appointments with businesses that may be interested in artwork for their lobbies and other areas. For reference, walk with a photo album of your work or invite them to your gallery to see for themselves. Whether it’s your personal art or another artist you represent be prepared to talk about the art and give details on the story behind it. You can even take it a step further and offer consulting services for those who don’t know what would best suite their company’s brand.

Use Online Strategies

Get online, create accounts for Social Medias like Facebook and Instagram. Make regular post about your art and your gallery. When hosting events share the details on those forums and encourage your fans to share with others. You can even share stories about the art featured to make it more interesting.


For some buyers, they need more convincing or time to think before purchasing. Offer prominent buyers the option of enjoying the artwork in their home or office for a period of time free of charge. If they get accustom to it being around and like how it fits in that space, they may make up their minds to buy and keep it for good.

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