We’ve always had to try to learn to do so many things with our hands, from learning how to hold a tiny plastic spoon to our mouths to learn how to steer our families safely through the streets in our vehicles. Everyone has to learn something new with their hands once in a while, even artists. Here’s a technique we like to call “scrumbling”, wherein aspiring artists can use colored pencils to familiarize themselves with creating art.


When artists have perfected the art of using colored pencils, they can create artwork that is so realistic, that it may even be confused for another media, due to its detailed nature and smooth gradient.


Here’s a pretty simple way to do it:

  • Make sure the colored pencil you’re using is very sharp and remember to rotate it in order to keep it as sharp as possible while you’re using it.
  • Press extremely lightly on the paper with the pencil, while making the smallest circular motion you can with.
  • Try to keep overlapping the circular strokes you have made.
  • Do it very, very slowly. Be patient.


What you shouldn’t do:

  • Make big circular motions.
  • Press too hard on the paper.
  • Scrumble too fast.


Although it may be a little time-consuming, you can get pretty interesting, realistic results by using this method. Get your paper, colored pencils and sharpeners right now! Try it out! If you’re in Canada and you’re looking for art supplies then you have come to the right source. Even if you might not necessarily be interested in scrumbling as an art method, we have art supplies that can cater to your other artistic preferences. We’re Canada’s preferred provider of artist supplies. You can even get DVD training videos, like the famous Bob Ross DVDs from us too. Call us now – we’ve got what you need!

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