The range of colours is vast with 100 different colours to select from, you'll want to buy them all! They are highly pigmented and of the highest quality and considered an artists' grade. DUO Aqua Oil from Holbein offers excellent lightfast ratings which is comparable to those of traditional oil colour.

Artists' are able to mix their traditional oil paints with the DUO watermixable oils, however if it exceeds 30% of the mixture, you will lose its water solubility and will have to use traditional oil painting mediums.

The range also includes 17 "Elite" colours. These colours signify the use of the heavy metal pigments which include the cadmiums and cobalts and tend to have a higher series price point.

The Holbein DUO Aqua Oil line also has a range of compatible mediums. They include the DUO Linseed Oil, DUO Stand Linseed Oil, DUO Painting Medium, DUO Quick Drying Medium and DUO Quick Drying Paste which is available in both Gloss and Mat finish.

If you have ever wanted to dabble in oil painting before, try the Holbein DUO Aqua Oils today.


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