If you live in Toronto or the GTA you likely remember the exceptional episodes on PBS featuring the one and only Bob Ross! The unfortunate thing is that we cannot just flip on the television and tune in to PBS to see Bob Ross break it down for us on how to paint incredible landscapes. So the bad news is that after 11 seasons we can't catch anymore episodes live on the TV. The good news is that there are entire DVD collections available for purchase so you can catch up on all of the "how to" lessons in the instructional painting DVD sets with Bob Ross.

It really is incredible how Bob Ross DVDs can help you paint and it is amazing how with a little instruction and easy to follow guidance you can create spectacular paintings quickly and effortlessly. Even if you have no intention of become an artist and quitting your day job, just listening to the soothing voice of Bob Ross can be entertaining.

Many people in Toronto have started hosting Bob Ross painting nights with their friends and family. This is a great way to spend some quality time with your love ones and close friends by learning how to paint with one of the Bob Ross DVD collections. Life in Toronto and Mississauga is incredibly fast-paced and hectic and it is therapeutic to escape the mundane day-to-day responsibilities and tasks by creating a work of art right in your living room with the help and guidance of Bob Ross.

Get your DVD set today and discover everything that you have been missing in the Bob Ross DVDs. The best part is that if you find Bob goes a little fast in a certain part you can always rewind and watch it again to catch up. This is a big advantage over the PBS days!

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