Five New Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolour Colours for 2022


These 5 NEW beautiful watercolours (available in 15ml tubes) bring the total number to 266 for the DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolour line – are you ready to add them to your palette? 

King’s Royal Blue is soft and calming – excellent for summer skies, placid waters and tranquil florals.

Chrome Titanate Yellow is an earthy shade that’s great for mixing or use straight from the tube to paint florals, leaves and landscapes.

Iridescent Vibrant Raspberry is a stunning Luminescent that reflects dazzling bursts of deep raspberry when used over darker colors. It’s the perfect choice for orchids, bird wings, dragonflies, fish scales and fantasy worlds!

Black (Blue/Orange) is a soft neutral black that’s perfect for shadows, metals, stormy skies and angry seas.

Black (Red/Green) is a rich dark black that’s great for inky backgrounds and natural objects like fur, feathers or river rocks.

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