Have you been developing a love for art? Is art your newest hobby? Artists may use many mediums to express themselves, and with practice, perseverance, and talent, art can be anything from a passionate hobby to a lucrative career.

The first thing you want to do is start by practicing with various mediums. Art is created with an almost limitless variety of mediums, from pencil and paper to oil paints. Experiment with the different techniques and materials, to see which is more enjoyable and productive to you, as an individual. If you can it would be helpful to enroll in an art class near you or maybe even register for online courses. You can take it a step further and check for studio classes or private art teachers if no classes are available where you live. In the past almost every artists would have begun as apprentices to "Masters".

In order for you to see your progress and establish a personal technique, you should keep a record or portfolio of your work. This can be a sketchbook, an album, or with photographs of sculptures/carvings. Once you have the opportunity you should work with your talents and skills. If you develop skill as a painter or in drawing, there may be openings for you with local businesses or organizations to do posters, signs and other artwork.

Keep an eye out for contests or art shows that feature the medium you work in. Shopping malls, community organizations, and other groups often sponsor showings of work, and invite members of the community to display, and sometimes sell, their work. With such an opportunity you not only get to share ideas with other artists but also to see the reaction to your own work by the public. Every project won’t be successful so don’t let that get you down or disappoint you. If it doesn’t come together like you hope take a step back and then approach it again another time with a fresh eye.

There’s inspiration all around us, keep an eye out for it. The world is full of shapes, textures, images, colours, and forms that can get our creative juices flowing and inspire something great.


Painting is fun, relaxing and can also be a great way to earn a living. If you're interested in some fun painting tutorials to do with your friends and family then you should definitely check out our Bob Ross DVDs.

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