Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Paper



Artistico Traditional White paper is a traditional white shade with no use of optical brighteners. It is mould-made of 100% cotton, sized both internally and externally (no animal component), acid-free/neutral pH and chlorine-free, with two deckle edges, with the Artistico watermark running along.

Made with 100% cotton produced with mould made process, a special industrial process that reproduces the typical characteristics of hand-made paper, which is why it is also called “manomacchina”.

The paper is available in the three classic watercolor surfaces: Hot Pressed, Cold Pressed and Rough. As with Artistico Extra White, it takes well both lifting and scraping without compromising its quality. This professional-paper is suitable for all water media, printmaking, digital printing, charcoal and drawing purposes. Professional quality at a great price. 



It is now common knowledge that Fabriano is where Western paper making began. Ever since, the mill hasn’t ceased to innovate, from the creation of the watermark in 1282 to the invention of sizing. Today, all paper mills specialized in fine art paper still use rabbit skin glue as sizing, except one. Fabriano indeed likes to be one step ahead. A few years ago, the mill invented a non-animal sizing to avoid the undesirable smell while improving the performance of the paper in regards to paint.

Today Fabriano enhance the value of its “Artistico” paper thanks to an enhanced quality and a presentation appropriate to its reputation. Here are the highlights of this paper: improved surface sizing, stronger surface, 4 deckled-edges, fixed-point watermark, Vegan Friendly product. Artistico is available in 2 shades of white: Traditional and Extra White, both without bleaches or optical brighteners, 4 surfaces: satin, soft grain, fine grain, coarse grain.

• Mould-made 100% cotton paper
• 2 natural deckled edge
• Internally and externally sized, with no animal sizing
• Acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate
• Chlorine-free, with no optical brighteners
• Perfect for all water media, printmaking, digital printing and sketching & drawing



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