A perfect art project is to create a portfolio of drawings. Yes, maybe painting is your thing, but drawing is a unique artistic skill that can help you improve the quality of your hand/eye coordination for your paintings. You should try it.  Try drawing every day – time yourself to keep things fresh.  Do as many as you can and switch it up now and then (you can draw the same subject in different ways and in different settings). Keep reading to see the different things you can try to draw to heighten your skills.


  • Find shapes with common values. Find an apple and set it up so that there is a strong light directed on one side. As you run your eyes along the apple’s curves, you will see the gradual values shift in lighting from the darker side of the apple, to the spot where the light shines on it. Try to divide the value shifts into 3, 5 or 7 shapes. The more shapes you add, the more illusion of volume you give the apple.


  • Quality of line. Be careful how you apply lines onto your drawing. Remember, the different ways of holding your pencil or the amount of pressure you put on it, can alter the types of lines you draw.


  • Convey attitudes with lines. Think about when you’re feeling angry, happy, sad, peaceful or lazy and try to draw a line that conveys that feeling. Your viewer will probably interpret the attitude and feeling that you have tried to convey in your lines.
  • Speak volumes through simple contour drawings. Without the use of very much details, contour drawings help communicate symbols to the viewer. Try using lines to do this.


  • Draw with different tools. Different drawing tools can give your end-product a different look every time. They may alter the texture, the attitude you convey and more.

Try this little drawing challenge and see how it can improve different aspects of your art skills. If you need pencils, papers, sharpeners or any other art tools, you can check us out. We’re right here in Canada and we’re the number one supplier in the area. You can even get DVD training videos, like the famous Bob Ross DVDs from us too. Check us out – we’ve got what you need!


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