As CLEARLY implied by the temperature, winter is the coldest time of the year and summer is the hottest. What colors can we use in paintings to illustrate such temperatures? Blue or green tints are known as the cool colours, while red, orange and yellow hues are considered as the warmer ones (the more “likeable” or appealing colours).

You’d think that a painting of snow should be more of a blue-ish, green-ish scene, right? However, you can actually use some of the warmer colours in snow paintings.

For instance: trees in the winter would have leaves remaining that would be sort of orange, from in the autumn. Snow on the ground that is aligned with the sunrays, would not be ivory white, but should have a sort of yellowish hue to it. Even the skies can have a little warmth in colour – give the oranges and pinks to depict a late afternoon look, and cast the shadows down into the snow too.

Remember, the warmer the colours in the painting, the more likeable it probably is to the viewers’.

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