Painting with watercolor - it’s actually a great medium that you can use for your work. You can choose the way you want to use it, depending on the final product you want to achieve or on your intentions or needs.

 One method you can use is applying wet glazing on a vertical surface. What do you need?

  • Easel
  • Non-absorbent board that is slightly larger than your paper
  • 4 clips
  • Arches 140-lb paper
  • Transparent warm and cool (red, yellow and blue paint)
  • Flat brushes
  • Paper towel
  • Jar of water

 There are 3 things you need to do.

  1. Wet both sides of the paper and by its corners, clip it to the board.
  2. Place the board on your easel.
  3. Start painting!

 You should do this kind of painting on an upright plane, because it will help give you better control over things like color, temperature, and manipulation of the paint. With time and effort, you will become a pro at layering, lifting paint, varying edges, using a dry brush to create a soft edge, etc.

After a bit of practice, you will layer quickly, lift up paint easily and vary edges. Learning to make a dry brush mark or create a soft edge on damp or wet paper will become second nature with wet glazing. Although I can paint using other techniques, wet glazing suits my process, and I enjoy the results.

Try it out and see if you achieve that end-product you desire, or learn about and practice other techniques that you think will work better for you. Whatever technique you choose, remember that we can supply all your needs. We’re right here in Canada and we’re the number one supplier in the area. You can even get DVD training videos, like the famous Bob Ross DVDs from us too. Check us out – we’ve got what you need!


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